Our Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher

I was born in France but I have lived in Rome for the past twenty years. I came to yoga in 1998, following Hatha yoga practices. For many years yoga has remained a “boundary” to my sporting activities. The encounter with Power yoga allowed me to combine my need for dynamism and awareness. Thanks to this discipline I’ve been able to experience the benefits of yoga in life.

I trained in “True Power Yoga” at Max Grossi’s Ego Yoga school and at the GĂ©rard Arnaud studio, the French Federation of yoga, the one who brought dynamic yoga in France. In 2014 I completed the advanced course 500 RYT. Today I try to convey in the simplest way possible the teachings I received, guiding people through an inner journey without competitiveness.

In my classes I propose dynamic sequences where the breath finds balance with the effort, aimed at achieving a balance between bodily, emotional and mental levels. We work on alignment without closing ourselves in the technique, without aiming for performance. It is a subtle and gradual work on itself to reach the true Self, the Energy, trying to eliminate the ego.

Yoga Aventino

Yoga in the heart of Rome

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