Our Hatha Vinyasa teacher

Sara approached yoga about 10 years ago after having dedicated her childhood and adolescence to her passion for dance. The yogic practice soon became daily, integrating and enriching the path of personal spiritual striving that had already led her to embrace the principles of Japanese Buddhism, in search of a harmonious balance between body, mind and soul.

In 2017 she decided to move to Bali to fully immerse herself in the world of yoga and deepen her education as a teacher, with the intention of learning to share the positive revolution that yoga has brought into his life.

Sara’s lessons are mainly structured around the Hatha Vinyasa style, with a strong emphasis on alignment, strength and breath. During each session, she guides her students through various asanas, balancing strength and awareness, physical and organic energy, teaching to observe the flow with love and respect and to practice being flexible, in body and mind. The positive and playful attitude that has always been part of her character has led her to also approach Aerial Yoga, where she searches for the typical fluidity of Vinyasa and a different way to meditate that comes with the freedom to experience new perspectives. During surf and yoga retreats that she attends in the summers, she in turn rediscovers the pleasure of working “on the ground” with the Restorative yoga, integrating Yin positions and breathing techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and restore the balance between the body and mind.

Yoga Aventino

Yoga in the heart of Rome

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