Our Aerial yoga guest teacher

I started teaching as a teenager, I teach every day, and since 2012 I have been doing therapeutic practice. Starting from the ubiquitous hatha yoga, through academic yoga and vinyasa, the ardent practice of kundalini yoga, I came to practices that turned out to be authentic and transformative for me.

Currently, I teach mainly according to tradition based on Tantra, while applying knowledge in the field of biomechanics and therapeutic practice. The aim of the practice is not to limit people to the feeling of “being a body” but to expand the phenomena of consciousness and the experience of freedom. An underrated therapeutic relaxation and meditation technique in which I specialize is yoga nidra or nothing but a yogi sleep.

An important role in the development process of every human being is lifelong learning and improving teaching skills and qualifications. I had the honor of experiencing internships under the guidance of eminent teachers, including Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Gurmukh Kaur, Dave Stringer, Noah Maze, Liliana Polanco. Simultaneously with the development of anatomical knowledge, it is important for me to broaden awareness and apply the philosophical principles of yoga in everyday life and the message of currently ignored aspects of practice leading to the essence of yoga practice (mantra, yantra, mudra, pratyahara).

The teaching experience is confirmed by thousands of hours mastered on the mat, hundreds of hours of workshops and dozens of educated and educated teachers. In addition to cooperation with national yoga schools and festivals, I run teaching courses abroad (currently Italy).

Yoga affects every plane of my life, leaving what is real and sincere, without half measures. In my spare time I am a masseur, yoga therapist and musician. I like moderate physical activity and good food. I love the dance with whom I was professionally connected.

Yoga Aventino

Yoga in the heart of Rome

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