Our Antigravity Yoga teacher

Cristina has always been physically active and drawn to sports.

It all started with synchronised swimming: a world where the body is light and free where you are “upside-down”. After 20 years of daily practice, competitions,medals and trophies she was asked: “How would you like to be upside-down out of the water?” Enter Antigravity Yoga! The inversions, positions, and wraps brought about a new awareness of her body, mind and spirit. With this lethal cocktail of bodily lightness, strength,flexibility and resistance, she was hooked.

Cristina, armed with her qualifications of Antigravity yoga from Christopher Harrison (AGY1, AGY2, and Suspension 1). intends to take each person to their limit while having fun.

This is her life: loving oneself and listening to oneself.

Yoga Aventino

Yoga in the heart of Rome

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